How to Help a Family Member Switch to Ecigs

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Aug 21, 2015, 3:59:00 PM


You love the smokers in your family, but their cigarettes make it hard to enjoy being around them. Either you’re a non-smoker who can’t stand the smell, or you have switched to vaping and wish they could see the light, too.

There’s good news! Smokers often switch to electronic cigarettes because their loved ones want them to. 

They may think their smoking habit doesn’t bother anyone but themselves. Make sure they know that you want the secondhand smoke out of the house (and off their breath).

When you tell your family member that you want them to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, let them know all the positive reasons why they should switch to vaping:

  • You want to spend more time and be closer with them
  • The family will save money
  • Friends and guests will feel more comfortable in the home that doesn't smell like cigarette smoke
  • Our ecig liquid has only four ingredients, not hundreds of chemicals
  • No more worrying about ash and fire hazards

Tips for Vapers to Help Smokers Make the Switch

Already made the switch to ecigs and vaporizers? Tell your family about why you enjoy it!

Remember, people who still smoke want to feel assured that they'll enjoy vaping. They may be skeptical, but they'll listen to a family member.

Describe how you made the switch to vaping and give them advice. Let them know that the batteries last a long time and it’s very easy to get started. Help them pick a flavor and nicotine level to match their favorite cigarettes.

You can even gift them one of our bestselling Mistic Starter Kits to jumpstart the transition with everything they need. Sometimes just getting an ecig in their hand is all it takes!

Tips for Non-Smokers Who Want to Help

Naturally, non-smokers want their family members who smoke to make the switch to ecigs. When they start vaping, you won’t have to deal with the secondhand smoke. Their clothes, car, skin and breath won’t smell like cigarette ash. And they can vape in many places where smoking is prohibited, so it’s easy to go out and have fun without worrying about their next smoke.

Be honest and let them know how you feel—and that you'll be happy to support them while they make the transition.

As a non-smoker, you can feel good about motivating your loved one to switch to ecigs because they are great tasting, very satisfying, and super convenient. You’ll even help them save tons of money!

Don’t feel selfish about urging them to switch—everyone in the home will benefit when they throw out the cigarettes and switch to vaping.

Show the smokers in your family that you care! Motivation from loved ones gives a huge boost to smokers making the switch to ecigs. Buy them a starter kit in the online store or tell them to visit Mistic for more info!

Click below to help a family member make the switchthey'll be glad you did.

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