How to Maximize E Cig Battery Life

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 16, 2015, 3:52:00 PM

maximize e cig battery life

Like any electronic device, you can get the best performance out of a Mistic battery by using it regularly and fully charging it before the battery is completely drained. The typical Mistic user can vape for about 2 full days before needing to recharge.

Make sure you know how to maximize your e cigarette battery life by following all the tips:

How to Charge Your Batteries

The right charging habits help give you the longest e cigarette battery life. The goal is to get your battery 100% charged before using it and to recharge it to 100% whenever your power starts to get low.

Here’s how you should be charging your Mistic battery:

  • Fully charge it before the first use (it’s only partially charged out of the box)
  • Wait until the battery light turns green before unplugging it
  • When the light turns green, don’t leave the battery plugged in
  • Don’t wait until the battery is completely drained before recharging

Maximizing Your E Cig Battery Life

E cigarette battery life stays strong when you use the battery regularly. If you rotate between several batteries, try to puff on each one daily or almost daily. Batteries that go unused for too long may not operate as well and will end up losing battery life.

Mistic e cig batteries are designed to handle frequent daily use. However, puffing on it for too long can overheat the battery and weaken it. Your Mistic e cig battery automatically shuts off if you inhale for 5 consecutive seconds to help avoid this.

Proper Storage for E Cig Batteries

Another way to maximize your Mistic electronic cigarette battery life is to keep your batteries clean, safe, and properly stored.

Some tips for taking care of your battery:

  • Don’t leave the battery in freezing or hot temperatures, or sitting in direct sunlight for a long time
  • Disconnect the battery from the cartridge if you aren’t using it for several hours or longer
  • Before setting aside a battery, charge it 100% rather than leaving it with a low charge
  • Keep the battery clean: wipe it down with a cotton swab if you’ve spilled any liquid on it

Doing everything right but the battery seems to hold less of a charge? It’s probably just time to get a new battery. Thankfully, Mistic’s lithium-ion batteries will keep you charged up and ready to vape for as long as possible!

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