How to Pick an E Juice You’ll Love

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 4, 2016, 5:25:43 PM

How to Pick an E Juice You’ll Love

If you own a HAUS Vape Mod, you probably know about the vast number of flavor options offered on Mistic’s online store. In fact, you probably already own at least one or two of the sixteen HAUS juices, or one of the Craft Collection flavors. Either way, you’ve definitely had to decide which new flavor will be right for you.

With this choice at hand, consider your tastes in other products. What kind of flavors do you like? What kind of cocktails? What kind of desserts?

Whatever the answer, we have the e juice for you. Including all 3 of our e juice lines—HAUS, HAUS Craft Collection, and HAUS premium juices—we offer 4 minty flavors, 17 fruity ones, 2 tobacco-inspired, and 3 rich, creamy, or dessert-like e liquids.

Let’s take a closer look!

Feeling fruity?

Fruit-flavored candies and drinks are classics, and e juice companies have always recognized the demand for sweet but flavorful tastes like cherry and watermelon. Few brands, however, offer more options than Mistic’s online store—from HAUS’ popular Washington Red cherry flavor to Craft Collection's Zomberry, we have the perfect blends of traditional and tropical fruit flavors that you’ll love!

Do you prefer tart sweet flavors like green apple, lemon, or orange? Try our Citrus Crush E Liquid! You’ll enjoy the refreshing taste of a blend of tangy citrus fruits.

Looking for something more exotic? UNBROKEN’S e liquids extract notes from the fruits of the beautiful Brazilian Amazon. Take Aurora, for example—it’s derived from starfruit, which has a tangy flavor similar like a sugary combo of apple, pear, and grape.

Here are links to all of our fruity flavors: 

HAUS Classic E Juice:

HAUS Craft Collection E Juice:

  • Cloud Punch (creamy berry)
  • Sweet Voo-Dew (melon blend)
  • Jam Session 
  • Moon Milk 
  • Shadow Cut
  • Dark Ice
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Fruit
  • Java

Searching for a classic?

If you love the flavor of tobacco, you’ll probably want to start with the HAUS American Blend (Tobacco) E Juice. Next, try our sweeter, toasty Shadow Cut Vape Juice from the HAUS Craft Collection, which has more nutty caramel notes than the American Blend.

If you prefer a minty menthol taste, try HAUS’ Cool Ice Blend, or add in a little more complexity with Menthol Citrus, or even Havana E Liquid, a sweet mojito flavor with lime and mint. Dark Ice Vape Juice from the HAUS Craft Collection, on the other hand, is a powerful menthol experience with fresh peppermint and spearmint flavors.

Need to try something new? 

If you’re trying to shake things up a bit, there are plenty of exciting choices to choose from. For example, HAUS’ Java (Coffee) E Juice offers the smooth richness of coffee beans. If something sweet and mellow is a little more to your taste, try the HAUS Vanilla E Juice.

If those aren’t exciting enough (you daredevil!), try the Moon Milk Vape Juice from the HAUS Craft Collection. Its slightly toasty, milky flavor has the vanilla creaminess, but with caramel and coconut to keep things indulgent and interesting. 

If you’re deciding what flavor to buy when shopping for a new e juice, Mistic’s online store has a match for you, no matter what your tastes are. To start exploring, just click on a flavor above or use the button below to visit our online store!

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