How to Spot a Fake Review of E-Cigs or Any Product

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 15, 2015, 2:53:00 PM

 Fake Electronic Cigarette

Have you wondered if the reviews of a product you’re interested in are legitimate?

Often, reviews seem too good, or too bad, to be true – and you’re right, they are! Some companies pay people to leave extremely positive reviews about their products, or scathing reviews of a competitor’s products, to try to manipulate consumers. Sadly, this is just as true of electronic cigarettes manufacturers as it is of other industries.

We at Mistic are strongly opposed to these practices. Needless to say, we don’t do it ourselves – check out our Facebook page, and you’ll see that we embrace positive and negative comments alike, because we value your feedback.

So, how do you recognize fake reviews?

Watch out for reviews that fit one or more of these criteria:

  • Extreme, one-sided opinion - people usually express both pros and cons in reviews, even when they strongly like or dislike something.
  • Non-specific – real reviewers usually talk about their experience of using the product in specific ways.
  • Strongly suggest a competitor – extremely negative reviews that insist you have to try a competitor are suspect, especially if they link to the suggested product or a offer coupon code.
  • Marketing language – if it sounds like an ad, it probably is. Look for a promotional tone with empty adjectives.
  • Unlikely usernames – fake reviewers usually don’t take time to make up good ones, but instead use random letters and lots of numbers. We’ve all seen Jenny1984, but jlmw7223840? The same person may also use variations on the same name for different reviews.
  • Account history – be skeptical if the user’s account only has a single review, or if all reviews are for a single product or brand, and are all positive or negative. Also, note the date – were they all posted on the same day? Was the account created on the same day as the review(s)?

Some brands may even create fake review sites for their product or industry. Here are some ways to spot those:

  • Look for hidden sponsorship:
    • Is only one brand advertised?
    • Is there a link to a disclaimer buried at the bottom of the page?
  • Some companies generate multiple fake review sites, so beware if you see several that look the same, use the same theme (often listed at the bottom of the page), and have the same ads.
  • Watch for strings of reviews on the same date with similar content (often nearly identical), left within a short period of time. This can happen on legitimate sites, too, from a fake reviewer.

In general, the best approach to all online reviews is to be skeptical. Talk to your friends, find sources you trust, and rely on your own experience to help you make your decisions.

In addition to the ones listed above, there are many other ways to detect fake reviews, reviewers, and sites. Check out these great articles for more info:

"30 Ways You Can Spot Fake Reviews Online" – Consumerist

“Online Spam Detection: Detecting Fake Reviews and Reviewers” - University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Computer Science

“How to spot fake user reviews while shopping online” - CNET

“How to Spot a Fake Review Website” – WikiHow

Have you seen fake e-cig reviews or review site? Let us know in the comments!

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