How to Spot a Fake Vaporizer Pen Review

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 21, 2015 5:08:06 PM

How to Spot a Fake Vaporizer Pen Review

When you’re interested in trying a new vaporizer pen or want to compare the benefits between a couple of models, you want to learn about their pros and cons from other vapers who’ve used them. Finding an honest online review shouldn’t be so difficult. Unfortunately, though, many companies pay people to write either extremely positive (and obvious) or critical reviews to undermine their competitors’ business. Not only is this behavior unethical, but it’s also a cheap and dishonest attempt to manipulate customers with real questions. 

At Mistic, we strongly oppose these practices, and it’s safe to say that we don’t participate in them. When you visit our Facebook page, you’ll see that we embrace positive and negative reviews alike, because we genuinely value your feedback and want to provide the best experience possible. 

Not every company is equally as welcoming of authentic reviews of their products or others’. To help you discern the genuine feedback from the misleading, we’ve put together this list on how to spot a fake vaporizer pen review. 

If They Offer an Extremely One-Sided Opinion

More often than not, people examine both the pros and cons of a product, even if they’ve decided that they strongly like or dislike it. If a reviewer leans in only one direction, without explaining their overall vaping experience, it’s likely that they’ve been paid to write their comment.

If They Provide Vague Details

Most people also have a tendency to discuss their experience with a product in depth, to clarify why they did or didn’t like about it. In comparison, fake reviewers usually provide only vague details, insisting that the product didn’t work for them but failing to mention the source of the problem. 

If They Strongly Recommend a Competitor

This one’s obvious, but that doesn’t stop dishonest companies from continuing to use this tactic. Extremely negative reviews should already raise a red flag, but especially if they urge you to try someone else’s products. If they link to the suggested company or offer a coupon code advertising discounts, you should be even more suspicious.

If They Have an Unlikely Username

Unlike real consumers who put time and energy into creating their accounts, fake reviewers usually don’t bother with the fine details. Subsequently, they’ll often use a combination of random letters and numbers that don’t make sense. Sure, we’ve all seen Jenny1984, but 5jwlk108291? Not likely. Even more obvious are those reviewers who use variations of the same name to leave negative comments on different products from various brands.  

If All of Their Reviews are Similar

If a user’s account only has one review or multiple reviews for a single brand, chances are that they had an incentive for writing them. Also, be sure to check the dates and see if they match up. If all of their comments were left on the same day or if their account was created on the same day as their review, this could be another sign of a fake reviewer. 

In general, the best approach to all online reviews is to keep an open mind, but treat any of the above types with a dose of skepticism. Consult with your friends, find sources that you deem reliable, and trust your own experiences to make decisions before you purchase any vaping products—including Mistic’s vape pens.

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