How We Child Proof E Juice Bottles at Mistic

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 9, 2015, 3:58:00 PM

child proof e juice bottles of HAUS

Vaping isn’t for kids. Not only should e cigs and vape pens be kept away from children, but they also shouldn't have access to e juice bottles. At Mistic, we’ve helped the effort to protect children by making our HAUS e juice bottles child-resistant to prevent dangerous accidents.

Child-Resistant E Juice Bottles

Mistic makes all our HAUS e juice bottles in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines for child-resistant packaging. Our bottles feature a “push down and turn” style of cap that prevents infants and toddlers from opening them easily.

This child-safe packaging works just like bottles for medications or cleaning products like bleach. If the e juice ever gets left where children can reach it, the bottle cap makes it highly unlikely they could open it.

Additionally, HAUS e juice bottles feature a slow-drip tip. This helps limit the amount of liquid a child can come into contact with if she does find an open bottle.

Some states have been drafting laws to require child-proof bottles for vaping liquid. At Mistic, we took this important step before it was required by law because we believe your child's safety needs to come first.

Tamper-Proof Packaging

As another safety measure, Mistic uses tamper-proof standards in our packaging. When you open a box of HAUS e juice, the bottle should be enclosed by a heat-shrunk plastic seal. This indicates the product has not been altered since it left our facilities—and rest assured, our vapor products are produced in clean, secure labs located in the United States.

Keeping Vape Liquid Away from Minors

Only adult smokers and vapers should have access to vaping supplies. We recommend keeping your e juice bottles out of reach of small children (as well as teenagers). Minors may not realize how powerful nicotine can be—and they may get curious about your e juice.

Parents and anyone who may have children visit their home should take some common-sense precautions:

  • Store e juice bottles completely out of reach of any children. If you don't have children, be prepared and move your e liquid to a safe place if kids visit your home.
  • Do not accidentally leave e juice bottles sitting in your car, in your purse, or anywhere that a child might snoop.
  • Consider using a locked box to store your vaping supplies.
  • Explain the dangers of drinking e juice to children, in terms they can understand. Note that mixing vape liquid with water or other beverages is also very dangerous.

To keep children safe, Mistic takes the important first step of child-proofing our e juice bottles. Remember, vaping is for adults! Be proactive and keep e juice bottles away from minors.

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