Info Sheet: the HAUS Personal Vaporizer Battery

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Sep 4, 2014, 4:43:00 PM

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We’ve worked hard to make HAUS the best vape pen on the market. We know you want the best performance and longest-lasting personal vaporizer battery possible without compromising on price or style.

That's why the lightweight HAUS battery provides hours of vaping pleasure with consistent, dependable quality at an affordable price.

The HAUS Personal Vaporizer uses a state-of-the-art 650 milliamp battery. Vaping battery power can be measured in milliamperes per hour (mAh), which tells you the amount of power stored in the battery.

Here’s what the 650 mAh HAUS battery means for you:

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • High-powered lithium ion battery performance
  • Easy to drag and get smooth, consistent puffs

The HAUS delivers longer-lasting battery life compared to most entry-level PVs. The exact battery life of your HAUS depends on your vaping habits - how often you use it and how long you draw on your HAUS.

The HAUS PV Starter Kit comes with a sleek, black battery with stainless steel fittings. You can also customize your HAUS with the stylish blue replacement battery and enjoy the same great performance. Even with long battery life, everyone can appreciate the convenience of having a backup battery ready at all times.

HAUS: Advanced Performance for Better Vaping

The HAUS system makes cutting-edge vaping technology available at low prices in retailers nationwide. We do this by combining the strong lithium ion battery with an incredible vaporizer and great-tasting e juice made here in the USA.

Enjoy the best vaporizer experience with the HAUS:

  • Easy e liquid refill using our slow-drip, child-proof bottles
  • Simple recharging and long battery life
  • Easy tank replacement when necessary
  • Many great e juice flavors that you can mix and match
  • Much lower cost compared to using tobacco

Shopping around for a personal vaporizer? HAUS is your best choice because our prices are low, the vaping performance is fantastic, and you can easily find our accessories and e juice at thousands of retailers nationwide. You can also shop all our products online and receive our newsletter to hear about discounts and specials!

We’ve put hard work into the HAUS to bring you everything you want in a vaporizer: great battery life, great vaporizing, and tons of awesome flavors to enjoy!

Pick up a HAUS battery today... visit our online store:


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