Introducing 4 New HAUS E Juice Flavors!

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 14, 2015, 2:50:00 PM

4 new HAUS e juice flavors

Get excited, because the latest HAUS flavors are taking things up a notch with delicious new blends that are perfect for summer! 

Personal vaporizers, from vape pens to full-out mods, allow you a wide variety of flavor options, and we decided to take full advantage of all the delicious possibilities. From fruity concoctions to a cocktail-inspired masterpiece, the 4 new HAUS e juice flavors bring some unique and tasty options for your vaping palate:

Citrus Crush

Sweet and zesty Citrus Crush is a crisp, cool and juicy vape. Our citrus blend strikes a perfect balance of orange and ruby red grapefruit with a refreshing touch of lemon and lime to brighten the flavor. Citrus Crush has a more complex and mature flavor than a lot of other fruity e juices—it’s like a citrusy sparkling refreshment that you crave on a hot day. This is a gourmet citrus flavor that everyone can enjoy.

Tropical Fruit

Can vapor transport you away to a Caribbean resort vacation? Tropical Fruit e juice comes pretty close! With a smooth and distinctive mango flavor accented by bright citrus and berry, this tropical flavor will have you daydreaming about an exotic getaway. It’s the sweet, aromatic, fruity taste of a gourmet fruit basket in one delicious, unique e juice.

Havana Mojito

Who has the time to muddle mint leaves and shake up a perfect mojito? Our Havana e juice brings the tropical summer cocktail right to your fingertips. Refreshing spearmint and sweet, tart lime come together for one cool blast that makes a perfect all-day flavor or an occasional treat.

Menthol Citrus

The new Menthol Citrus e juice really puts a “twist” on things. First you get a cool burst of mint, then a sweet and sunshiny taste of delicious citrus juice. As you exhale, the orange and lemon flavors blend together with the menthol for a smooth, satisfying finish. Menthol Citrus e juice will appeal to both menthol vapers and anyone interested in trying out a fresh minty vapor with a delicious touch of sweet, tart fruit.

These wonderful e juice flavors are now available in the Mistic online store and will in retail stores very soon.

Go ahead and pick up the 4 new HAUS flavors!

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