Is It Okay to Vape in a Rental Car?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 22, 2015, 10:40:00 AM

is it ok to vape in a rental car

Smokers who travel and use rental cars have grown accustomed to stopping for cigarette breaks or paying exorbitant cleaning fees. Traveling with ecigs makes things easier and vape pens will make your next trip a lot more smoother—unless a company specifically prohibits it, you can use them in your rental car!

Why It's OK to Vape in a Rental Car

Think about the reasons why you can’t smoke in a rental car: the cigarette stink, ashes, and upholstery burns. E cigs and vaporizers prevent all of those problems.

If you’re a smoker, this is great news! You can vape in a rental car to prevent fees for cleaning and deodorizing.

Vapers enjoy a lot of freedom to take care of their nicotine cravings in places where smokers get the cold shoulder. Your next vacation or business trip can be more comfortable and convenient thanks to the smoke-free and ash-free benefits of vaping.

Ask About E Cig Policies

Most rental car companies prohibit smoking, but few have made any strict rules about vaping. Ask a rental agent or read through the rental agreement to be sure, because these policies can change over time. 

The rental companies just want to prevent smells and damage. That said, a company that prohibits vaping might charge you even if there’s no smell or damage! Nobody wants an extra credit card charge just because they broke a rule, so ask before you puff to be certain.

Return a Clean Rental Car After Vaping!

You probably don’t notice any smell or residue from vaping at home. However, a non-vaper might detect a subtle aroma if you have been vaping in a rental car with the windows rolled up.

So, you might want to air things out before returning the car. Drive with the windows down for a few minutes and wipe down the dashboard and other hard surfaces. 

If you ever need to refill a PV tank while sitting in a rental car, be sure not to spill! Our HAUS personal vaporizer has an easy-fill tank and our e juice bottles have a slow-drip tip to prevent messes. If you do spill any e liquid, you can usually just blot it out with a damp paper towel or cloth.

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