Looking for a Vape Mod Kit That Costs Less Than $50?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 25, 2016, 10:14:52 AM

HAUS Premium Vape Mod Kit Costs Less Than $50

Vape mod kits are excellent purchases because they usually contain all of the equipment you need to start vaping (and stay vaping) without having to buy other items. 

That being said, their prices often reflect their convenience, and they can get pretty costly. Most go for somewhere between $55-$110 — if you’re on a budget (like all of us) how are you supposed to afford that?

HAUS’ Craft Collection Sub Ohm Mod Kit sells for $49.99, and it comes with everything those other companies include in their more expensive kits:

  • Black high-powered lithium-ion battery (More details here)
  • Sub-ohm tank with 0.3 ohms of resistance, giving you more power in your puff
  • USB charger

You don’t need to hold off on upgrading from a vape pen to a vape mod because of the price! Our vape mod kits give you high value and low cost because we want you to get the most out of your vape.

When you switch from a vape pen to a vape mod, you’re acquiring around twice the battery power that you used to have, as well as a larger tank and customizable puff power. The resistance is set at 0.3 ohms, and the wattage is adjustable (hence the “mod,” short for “modify”) between 5 and 30 watts. Now that’s taking control of your vape!

The benefits of getting a good deal on a vape mod kits are endless. Besides the longer battery life, streamlined design, and under $50 price, you get unlimited flavor options by mixing and matching our e juice liquids! Larger tanks mean you won’t have to refill for longer periods of time (but be sure and clean your tank regularly — maintenance goes a long way toward longer-lasting enjoyment).

This affordable item is a HAUS fan favorite. The long battery life, smooth taste, and larger vapor plumes (due to the sub ohm) are priceless if you want a tool that bumps your vape experience up a notch. To potentially save even more on products like our Craft Collection Sub Ohm Mod Kit, sign up for our Deal Of The Day email list, which offers exclusive discounts on all our best items.

Remember: the best deal is always better than the lowest price — with our vape mod kit, you get both!

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