Medical Worker Finally Takes Her Own Advice About Switching to E Cigs

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Aug 22, 2014 2:49:00 PM Comments

rosemary switched to mistic e cigs

Rosemary Sherman smoked more than a pack of traditional cigarettes a day for 30 years before she switched to e cigs. 

“My kids questioned me every day about my smoking,” said the Windham, Connecticut-based medical worker and mother of two young daughters. “I always felt like I was letting them and myself down.”

Rosemary often suggested e cigs as an alternative to patients who smoked, but never made the switch herself.

After hearing success stories from so many smokers who found electronic cigarettes more appealing, Rosemary decided to take her own advice and give e cigs a try. 


Rosemary often suggested e cigs as an alternative to patients who smoked, but never made the switch herself.

She tested several brands before she found Mistic Electronic Cigarettes. “The answer was easy,” Rosemary says. “Mistic E Cigs was by far the best. The taste was the better and Mistic gave me that same ‘cigarette’ feeling in the back of my throat.” 

For Rosemary, making the switch to Mistic began immediately after she purchased a Mistic Starter Kit.  “Mistic made it easy for me to make the switch by offering a complete starter kit with everything I needed to start vaping.”

Rosemary says she didn’t have to lose the comforting hand-to-mouth smoking experience because she could enjoy the same pleasure of inhaling and exhaling with a Mistic e-cig.  Once they were free from smoke, dirty ashtrays, and smelly clothes, the quality of life improved immediately for Rosemary and her family.

Rosemary says switching to e cigs was easier than she thought.  She usually buys her Mistic e cigs at Walmart and other key retailers, but also shops the Mistic Online Store for great deals. 

Making the switch to Mistic e cigs was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Sherman says emphatically. “Mistic e cigs offer great taste at a very reasonable in price. My family and I are so grateful to Mistic.”

Make the switch yourself – we offer a wide range of products to help you get started!


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