Meet the Mistic Customer Service Team

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 15, 2013 11:24:00 AM

Mistic Customer Service Team

If you’ve ever wondered who’s answering your calls, emails, and Facebook posts, look no further!

Since November, the Mistic Customer Service Team has grown from almost nothing to three full-time employees: Kimberly, Ashten, and Jackie. At the time they came on board, Kimberly points out, there had been very little customer service and she and the other employees were receiving a lot of feedback about the transition.

“When our CS team came in,” Kimberly says, “it was our goal to do whatever it took to retain the customers that were still with us. They were the ones that believed in the product as much as everyone in this office.” She continues, “We are very lucky to have such loyal customers.”

“We are very lucky to have such loyal customers”
- Kimberly

Experienced in their field and focused on customers’ needs, these three ladies spend their time responding to questions, listening to concerns and praise, and resolving issues. But outside of the office, they do a lot more!

Kimberly is an Account Manager, and she also coaches a traveling girls’ volleyball team.

Ashten, also an Account Manager, is active in her softball league, competing weekly.

Jackie is the Customer Service Representative and Account Coordinator, and she loves going for runs with her yellow lab, Parker.

“We want to be known for our customer service as the best in the e-cig business”
- Ashten

Their approach to customer service is to truly communicate with Mistic customers rather than try to ‘manage’ them. They know that not everything they hear is going to be positive, but that’s okay!

Explains Ashten, “I first make sure the customer knows I understand what they are asking, apologize if any inconvenience is caused, and then try to rectify the issue or issues. We want to be known for our customer service as the best in the e-cig business. It is important to be patient and to listen carefully to what the customer is upset or happy about.”

Social media, and Facebook in particular, play an important role in Mistic’s customer service strategy. Not only do social media platforms make communication between customers and Mistic representatives easy and direct, but they also lend credibility to comments, reviews, and praise.

“It doesn't always have to be something positive on our social media, but it's real,” Kimberly points out. “We don't pay people to give us great reviews. We will take the initial hit of having negative comments so that the positive ones are also taken seriously; we really do believe in our product and believe it's the best out there.”

If you have questions or comments about Mistic products, contact Kimberly, Ashten, and Jackie through Facebook, or use our contact form.

Tell us about your experiences with Mistic Customer Service! We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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