Mistic E-Cig Reviews from the Vaping Community

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Aug 12, 2013, 10:41:00 AM

Mistic E-Cig Reviews

If you’ve ever read our blog, you know that at Mistic, we love to toot our own horn. Sometimes, though, it’s better to let other people do the talking for us!

About a month ago, we posted about a review of Mistic e-cigs from SmokenJoey, but he isn’t the only one in the YouTube vaping community who has nice things to say about Mistic electronic cigarettes.

We also reached out to vaping aficionados GrimmGreen, Jenee Fowler, and RealVapeReview, sent them samples of our products, and asked them to give us honest reviews.

Check out the results:

GrimmGreen’s Review

Jenee Fowler’s Review

RealVapeReview’s Review

Here are a few of our favorite comments on those videos:

  • “I wish this video was out when I first started vaping last year. Great work man.” - DJignyte
  • “awesome think im gonna try these next time im in wal-mart…” – WILDWILL53
  • “wow its a steal for only $14” – EVapeUnboxings
  • “that was actually the second ecig I had ever smoked and I loved that tobacco flavor the absolute most most most!!!” – Jeff Burton
  • "With these being at Walmart, they are available to everyone (18+ of course). Seems like a good first step to the vaping world.” – Laurence Kerrick
  • “On a road trip I've forgotten my e-cig couple of times. These Mistics were a lifesaver for those missed days. A lot of gas stations have them around here in Texas. The Mistics seem to have a better drag and consistency than other disposable or cheap e-cigs at these stores…” - thaatxboss
  • “Thanks for doing reviews on products like this :D. Even us advanced vapers need to have info on products to recommend to newbies. ;)” - SchadowScythe
  • “Mistic kicks Finiti and Blus a**. Full thick smoke and taste great thanks for turning me on to this product” – Ryan Sullivan
  • “Back to basics, nice touch! I think a lot of us forget just how crucial that cig-alike is to make the initial transition (at least it was for me)...” – pmhops77

We’re glad that these leaders of the online vaping community support Mistic e-cigs as an alternative to smoking and an introduction into the world of vaping.

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Do you look at product reviews before you buy? Let us know in the comments!

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