Mistic Ecig Cartridges Will Now Be Filled in the USA

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Apr 28, 2014 2:49:59 PM Comments


Today, Mistic is excited to announce that we will be moving the cartridge-filling portion of our manufacturing to the U.S.A. It’s big news – even the Wall Street Journal picked up on the change!

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Production will begin at full steam in August, making Mistic and Haus Personal Vaporizers by Mistic the first American e-cigarette brands to be fully assembled and packaged in the U.S. on a national scale.  

Mistic proudly manufactures and bottles all of our Haus e-liquids in the U.S.A., and we’re excited to be shifting even more of our productions to the United States.

With automated machine filling technology from IOTO E-Liquids America, LLC (IOTO-ELA), Mistic will now be able to fill all of our rechargeable Mistic ecig cartridges right here at home.

This change will help Mistic provide more consistency to our customers, and help us respond more quickly to growing demand.

“This agreement is a landmark deal that will further streamline our production process and make Mistic the standard-bearer in the e-cig industry for world-class quality and supply chain management,” said John Wiesehan Jr., CEO of Mistic.

“Our e-liquid is already made in the U.S. for both Haus and Mistic, and the relocation of automated product assembly to the U.S. from China will provide us with a highly skilled workforce, more oversight and increased operational efficiencies, making this a game-changing business decision that’s in line with our long-term strategy.”

Mistic is also developing a new generation of U.S.-made e-liquid with IOTO-ELA at its plant in Greenville, N.C.  In addition to the automated cartridge-filling capabilities, IOTO-ELA will use its bottling technology to fill bottles of Mistic’s Haus Personal Vaporizer, which is currently available in five distinct American-made flavor blends - American Blend, Cool Ice, Washington Red, Java, and Ocean Mist. 

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