Mistic Electronic Cigarette Safety

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Mistic Electronic Cigarette Safety

Because they use a battery to produce heated vapor, Mistic E-Cigs contribute to fewer safety hazards than traditional cigarettes do with their fire, smoke, and ash.

However, there are a few personal safety issues to think about when using Mistic Electronic cigarettes. Read on to be sure that you’re using your Mistic responsibly!

Electronic Cigarette Safety Tips:

  1. Keep your Mistic E-Cigs and cartridges away from children, especially toddlers and babies who are teething and may try to chew on them. If you suspect that a child has consumed a portion of an e-cig (or of any tobacco product), contact a doctor or Poison Control Center immediately. Consuming large amounts of nicotine in any form is very dangerous and may lead to nicotine poisoning, especially in children.
  2. For this same reason, don’t chew on the Mistic's disposable e-cig’s soft tip, or you may risk releasing and consuming too much nicotine at one time. If you have, contact your doctor or a Poison Control Center immediately.
  3. Keep your Mistic away from liquids. Being immersed in liquid or having liquid permeate the e-cig’s protective casing may compromise the battery and atomizer.
  4. Don’t try to take any Mistic electronic cigarette or cartridge apart; they are built to be sturdy and used as-is. We don’t want anyone to injure themselves while trying to deconstruct our products, and we cannot guarantee their safety after they have been tampered with.
  5. Do not dispose of Mistic products, or any electronic devices, by burning them.
  6. Whenever possible, charge your Mistic e-cig battery in surge-protected outlets. Irregular current may cause the battery to fail.

To assure your personal safety, use your e-cig responsibly and in the prescribed manner.

While you need to treat you Mistic e-cig with care, as you would any electronic device, in general Mistic e-cigs avoid many of the safety risks of tobacco cigarettes.

Because they are not on fire, e-cigs are safer for use in crowded situations like concerts, clubs, and bars, and for anywhere that fire prevention is important, like on a camping trip.

Mistic e-cigs are also ideal for anywhere that smoke may irritate sensitive people like those with asthma or other respiratory problems, children, and the elderly.

Remember, you can properly dispose of Mistic batteries by recycling them! Send them to us or find a recycling facility near you that accepts lithium-ion batteries.

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