Mistic Fans Share the Love on Facebook

Posted by Mistic Electronic Cigarettes on Mar 25, 2013, 12:25:00 PM

Mistic Fans Share the Love on Facebook

Following the launch of the full line of revamped Mistic products in Walmart stores nationwide, our loyal customers took to Facebook to give us their feedback. The new 2.4% nicotine cartridges, 10-packs of refill cartridges, and sleek redesign of the packaging were among the most popular changes, but we’ll just let them do the bragging for us:


“Walmart in Leesburg GA has Mistic in stock NOW! Love the 10 cartridge refills… I will surely be saving some dollars”
- Karen

“Love these… been trying different brands, something told me to give this brand a try. Hands down the best E-cig I’ve tried. Love the taste. & ultimately the fulfillment & satisfaction that it brings… it’s like smoking a real cig without all the negatives. No ashtray mouth, no smell in clothes, no smell in house or car. My wife actually lets me ‘smoke’ in the house now.”
- Ahmed

“Love Mistic! I haven't smelled like smoke in almost a year! Considering the price of cigarettes now days, I've saved money and I feel better… I'm puffing away as I type. Thanks!”
- Angie

“Glad mistic is back!! Tried other e-cigs and they nowhere compare to yours… Keep up the good work”
- David

“Mistic is the best brand of e-cigs out there. I've tried many & always go back to my beloved Mistic. Best flavor, best nicotine satisfaction, & best draw. Other e-cigs are a joke when compared to Mistic… I also love how Mistic is larger than the other e-cigs. This allows for much longer battery life & a much better ‘throat hit’ that is comparable to real cigs. With other e-cigs I didn't feel like I was even getting anything out of it. Mistic is the best by far! Thanks Mistic. And the new 2.4% cartridges have made it even better !”
- Becky

If you like our updates to the Mistic line of e-cig products and are happy to see them in Walmarts, let us know! You can get in touch with us in the comments below, or via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Google+. We’d love to hear from you.

Some Walmarts may still be moving our products onto the shelves, so if you visit your local Walmart store or supercenter and don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Mistic products shipped to Walmarts nationwide for sale beginning March 18th 2013.

For more information about Mistic, browse through our website and blog, or visit our online store.

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