Mistic Introduces 3 New HAUS E-Liquid Flavors

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 11, 2014, 10:39:00 AM

new HAUS PV eliquid flavorsChoice. It’s one of the biggest reasons that people love the HAUS Personal Vaporizer. At Mistic, we’re very pleased to announce that you'll have even more choices with our 3 exciting new HAUS e-liquid flavors!

The brand new HAUS e-liquid flavors are:

  • Grape - The classic sweet and fruity flavor everyone loves.
  • Mango - A bright, exotic tropical flavor option.
  • Berry - Juicy and flavorful, a perfect blend of sweet berries.

Find your new favorite, or add these into the mix—with more options, you have more reasons than ever to enjoy the smoke-free, great-tasting HAUS PV. 

All our e-liquids are made in the USA and contain nicotine. The 10mL bottles are tamper-proof and childproof, with a slow-drip pour for easy refilling.

The Incredible HAUS PV Experience

If you’re new to HAUS, check out our 8 great flavors and consider a HAUS PV Starter Kit (just $24.99 in the online store) to get started. With HAUS, you can simply refill the tank instead of replacing a cartridge. With 12 flavors, you can refill completely or just a little—you can even blend your own custom flavors!

Find the new Grape, Mango, and Berry flavors in our online store now, and look for them at retailers soon. You’ll also find our original HAUS flavors: American Blend (tobacco), Cool Ice Blend (menthol), Java (coffee), Ocean Mist (melon), Washington Red (cherry), Vanilla, Apple, Berry, and Pineapple.

Enjoying the Many Flavors of the HAUS PV

Get an even more customized experience with the HAUS PV by picking up an extra blue batteries and additional disposable tanks. Each tank holds about 2 mL of e-liquid, and you can refill them whenever you want—no need to empty it completely before refilling.

If you like to alternate flavors, all you have to do is keep an extra tank handy and you can quickly switch between flavors whenever you want.

Mistic is committed to providing the best vaping products at the best prices. All HAUS e-liquid flavors are just $7.99 for a 10mL bottle in our online store.


Check them out now in our online store!

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