Mistic Manners: Electronic Cigarette Smoking Etiquette

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 9, 2014, 8:57:00 AM

Smoking Etiquette

Electronic cigarettes are still relatively new in the minds of the American public, and many people have never even seen someone using an e cig. And of those that have, they probably do not know it because they can't tell the difference between them and traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Because e cigs have only been available in the U.S. since 2007, the idea of electronic cigarette smoking etiquette is also very new. The rapidly growing popularity of e cigs has led vapers and non-vapers alike to ask many tough new questions about how e cig users can be considerate of the public, and how the public should accept and respond to vaping as distinct from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

With the help of these quick tips, you can maintain your manners in public and represent e cig users in a positive way.

Where can I use my e cigarette?

Many public establishments will have signs that tell you whether or not smoking is allowed, but rarely are businesses specific about e cigarettes. Your best bet is always to ask the business owner and follow the rules that he or she has laid out for their establishment. Even in a place where enjoying your e cig is allowed, make sure you're still being polite to anyone around you. If people ask you questions about your e cig, here are some ideas about how to respond and make a positive impression.

How can I be polite to those around me?

Although the use of e cigarettes is catching on all across the world, many are still unaware of this growing, smoke-free revolution. Because of this, lots of people don't know how to react to seeing e cigs being used around them. Some of these people may think you're smoking a tobacco cigarette, while others may not understand what you're doing at all. Some people still aren't comfortable with the vapor that e cigs produce. If you notice someone who looks bothered, consider asking if they mind you enjoying your electronic cigarette, opening up a conversation and an opportunity for you to change someone’s mind about e cigs.

How can I be a positive example for e cig culture?

Because e cigs are still in the public's eye, each interaction is a chance to be a good ambassador for the vaping community. Explain how what you're doing is different than smoking, and that the “smoke” e cigs produce is actually just simple water vapor. Especially with products like Mistic e cigs that look like traditional cigarettes, non-smokers may be suspicious.

Since so many people are still unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, there's still a chance to frame the activity in a positive light. Highlighting the benefits of electronic cigarettes, like the fact that they don't produce secondhand smoke, may just help someone make the switch to e cigs for good or suggest them to a friend. The most powerful facts, however, come from your own experience – explain your personal reasons for switching to e cigs, and you may just earn a new supporter for the e cig community.

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How do you demonstrate electronic cigarette smoking etiquette? Let us know in the comments!

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