Mistic USB Chargers – Get the Facts!

Posted by Mistic Electronic Cigarettes on Jul 11, 2013 12:27:00 PM

usb_chargerWant an easy way to charge your Mistic electronic cigarette? Need to charge up in the car, or at the office? Whatever you require, the Mistic USB charger is the key.

Our USB charger is the base unit for all of our charging systems – however you want to charge your e-cig, you’ll start with our USB charger. Just screw your used e-cig battery into the charger and you’re ready to go.

You can plug the USB charger directly into a USB port, like the ones in your computer. Some wall outlet surge protectors and other appliances now include USB ports as well; any USB port is compatible with the charger.

wall_chargerThe Mistic USB charger is specifically designed to work with your Mistic rechargeable battery and with the wall and car chargers. You’ll need a USB charger to use our wall and car chargers.

Our wall and car chargers basically act as converters for the USB charger – you’ll plug the USB charger into the wall charger or car charger, and then plug that into either a wall outlet or into your car’s cigarette lighter plug.

The Mistic wall charger allows you to charge your Mistic battery in any standard wall outlet. Its adaptable swivel design allows you to charge your e-cig in confined spaces, like under a desk or in a crowded surge protector. The Mistic car charger works with any standard cigarette lighter plug, giving you an easy way to charge during your commute or on a long road trip.


Mistic USB chargers are included with Mistic 2 ($14.99) and Mistic 3 kits ($29.99). The Mistic 3 kit also includes a swivel wall charger, so you have even more charging options. You can purchase a USB charger by itself for $9.99, our Swivel Wall Charger for $14.99, and a Mistic Car Charger for $9.99.

Just remember, a USB charger is required for both the wall charger and the car charger!

How do you charge your Mistic? Let us know in the comments!

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