Mistic Video: How E Cig Recycling Helps the Environment

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Aug 14, 2014 5:02:00 PM Comments

vaping is better for the environment

We've all heard people say it: “Smoking is a filthy habit.”

Well, that’s very true when it comes to environmental damage. Many people try to ignore the pollution caused by cigarettes, but everything from the packaging to the cigarette butts adds up to ecological disaster.

Cigarette butts are not biodegradable — trillions of them become litter, and nearly a million tons of them end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans every year. This harms our water supplies, dirties our recreation areas, and kills a lot of wildlife.

Moreover, tobacco cigarettes require a lot of packaging and plastic lighters that cannot be recycled.

Consider the many ways that smoking creates garbage:

  • Trillions of butts that become litter
  • Foil, plastic, and paper packaging
  • Lighters with short lifespans

To understand the environmental impact of cigarettes and how vaping offers a greener solution, Mistic has produced this eye-opening video:


Why Vaping Is Better for the Environment

Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers don’t create nearly as much litter as cigarettes, and Mistic even helps you recycle the batteries and cartridges of our vaping products.

Each Mistic e cig cartridge is equivalent to about 2 packs of smokes, so for every cartridge you use, you personally prevent 40 cigarette butts from becoming litter.

The Haus Personal Vaporizer offers an even greener approach, because it uses a refillable tank.

With Haus, you use fewer cartridges and enjoy vaping for even longer — each 10mL bottle of Haus e-liquid provides as much enjoyment as 2 cartons of smokes. That’s 400 cigarette butts that won’t end up as litter in your neighborhood park, or the lake where you like to go out on the boat!

Recycling Your E Cigs

Don’t throw away your Mistic refill cartridges or batteries! As part of our green commitment, Mistic offers an e cig recycling program for your used refill cartridges and batteries. Mail us ANY refill cartridges (even other brands) and we’ll take care of them responsibly. You can also send e-cig batteries for recycling.

To sweeten the deal, Mistic offers a free gift when you send in 50+ refill cartridges. Vaping already costs much less than smoking, and we want to make it worth your while to be earth-friendly.

See it for yourself - check out our products in our online store!

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