Never Run Out Again! Buy E Cigarette Cartridges in Bulk

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 22, 2015, 1:37:00 PM

Buy E cigs in Bulk

You know how warehouse clubs can save you tons of money on the products you buy most often? Same thing goes for e cigs—you can buy Mistic e cigarette cartridges in bulk to cut down on shopping trips and save tons of cash!

Take a look at our online store and notice the prices on our 12-count cases of 5-pack cartridge refills. That’s 60 total cartridges for a low regular price of $129.99!

If you’re going to end up buying all those e cigarette cartridges anyway, why not buy in bulk to get the best price?

Sure, there will always be those times when you want to swing by a convenience store and pick up a few cartridges when you need them. But you can avoid those rush trips to the store and save more of your hard-earned money in the long run by stocking up.

Think about the huge savings per pack:

  • A 5-pack at $14.99 means you spend $3.00 per pack. That’s already a huge savings over smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • A 12-count box of 5-packs for $129.99 means you spend about $2.17 per pack. That’s even bigger savings!
  • Compared to buying 5-packs individually, you can save over $50 by buying a 12-pack bundle!

The 12-pack bundle will last many vapers a couple months or longer! The bundle contains 60 e cigarette cartridges, and each cartridge is like 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. In other words, it’s like spending $129.99 for the equivalent of 120 packs of smokes.

We also have nicotine levels ranging from 1.2% to 2.4%. Look for bundles in traditional, menthol, and American Blend flavors!

Smart Shoppers Save Even More with Bulk E Cigarette Cartridges

See why buying bulk makes so much sense? But wait—there’s more!

  • Get FREE shipping from the Mistic online store when you spend $50 or more! Buying in bulk makes sure you hit that minimum.
  • Save MORE with coupon codes! We frequently offer Mistic online coupons that you can use for even bigger discounts! Be sure to sign up for emails to get coupons sent to you.
  • Buying in bulk also means fewer trips to the store (save on gasoline!) and less of your precious time spent shopping.

Don't hesitate. Stock up on your favorite e cigarette cartridges today!

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