New From HAUS: Dark Ice and Shadow Cut Vape Juices

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 18, 2016, 4:24:55 PM

New From HAUS: Dark Ice Menthol and Shadow Cut Tobacco Vape Juices

Following the same routine for months on end can get boring for anyone. Though people are creatures of habit, it can be easy to fall into a rut by maintaining the same schedules and making the same choices. Even when it comes to vape juice, we have a tendency to select the same flavor profiles time after time, choosing traditional tastes over newer, unfamiliar combinations.

This year, Mistic’s making a resolution to help broaden the vaping horizons—and we want you to join us. With our exciting new HAUS Craft Collection premium vape juices, Dark Ice and Shadow Cut, you’ll savor the familiar tastes of menthol and tobacco while simultaneously stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Dark Ice

You know how refreshing menthol can be, but we guarantee that you’ve never tasted a mix quite as strong as this. By combining sweet peppermint extract with notes of cool spearmint, our new and improved vape juice creates crisp snap of menthol taste. Dark Ice will surprise you with sudden flavor and thrill your taste buds. For just $23.99 for the huge 30ml bottle, you can now add this complex vape juice to your collection.

Shadow Cut

This new vape juice puts a sophisticated twist on an old favorite. Although true to its tobacco roots with a subtle herbaceous flavor, Shadow Cut goes a step further by incorporating hints of roasted caramel. Together, these rich blends combine to deliver one compelling vape that is both sweet and earthy. With Shadow Cut in your PV tank, you’ll enjoy a familiar flavor while savoring its rich, nutty nuances. Shadow Cut also retails for just $23.99, meaning that you can purchase this affordable vape juice as many times as you like.

At Mistic and HAUS, we’re passionate about innovation. We’re constantly developing vaping products, accessories, and juices for our customers’ enjoyment. We’ve designed our two newest HAUS Craft Collection vape juices to add new depth to classic flavors. With Dark Ice and Shadow Cut, we know you’ll start the New Year more refreshed and bolder than ever. 

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