New to Vape Pens? Start with Menthol and Tobacco E Juice!

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 6, 2015, 1:46:00 PM

New to vape pens

When you hear about vape pens like the HAUS Personal Vaporizer, you hear people talk about the wide variety of flavor options. It might sound more like a hookah bar menu than an alternative to e cigarettes!

Choice is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the classics. Make no mistake: when you’re new to vape pens, stick with tobacco or menthol e juice for a delicious and familiar experience!

So before you dabble in other flavors, try our American Blend and Cool Ice e liquids. We’ve perfected the flavors of rich, aromatic tobacco and a crisp, refreshing menthol in our HAUS e liquids. Whichever you preferred as a smoker, you’ll definitely love when you’re new to vape pens.

Start out with flavors you already enjoy and the transition will be so much easier and more enjoyable!

American Blend: Traditional Tobacco E Juice

For the traditional cigarette lover, our American Blend tobacco e juice offers a complex and delicious taste. Just the right amount of spice — with a perfectly smooth, thick vapor.

Fans of American Blend have called it the best tobacco taste among all the e juice they’ve tried. It’s bold and satisfying: perfect when you’re new to vape pens, no matter which cigarette brand you used to enjoy.

Cool Ice: Refreshing Menthol E Juice

For the menthol crowd, we’ve created Cool Ice with an amazingly fresh and minty taste. This is our bestselling e juice for good reason!

Cool Ice has a premium menthol flavor that’s smooth and delicious. Menthol-only smokers love Cool Ice when switching to e cigs, and it’s also a fun alternative if you normally prefer regular tobacco.

Trying Out New Flavors of E Juice

When you’re new to vape pens, HAUS makes it easy to learn the ropes. You’ll quickly see that vape pens improve your vaping experience because you can refill the tank at any time — and mix custom flavors! 

Here’s a tip: Pick out another flavor that sounds good and mix it with tobacco or menthol. HAUS tanks have milliliter lines and the e juice bottles have a slow-drip tip. It’s easy to mix-and-match a little or a lot of each flavor.

Try mixing American Blend with a little Berry, or Cool Ice with Washingon Red Cherry. That way you can try new custom flavors while still enjoying your favorite tobacco and menthol taste.

Ready to branch out? Start with Menthol and Tobacco e juice today!


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