Not Big Tobacco: Mistic Is an Independent E Cig Company

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Aug 7, 2014 4:07:31 PM Comments

mistic is not Big Tobacco

Feels good to know who you’re doing business with, don’t you think?

When you buy Mistic products, you support an independent e cig company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re in business solely to make the best electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies, and that’s all we do!

Many people wonder about the businesses that manufacture e cigs. The truth is, many other brands are owned by the same companies that sell tobacco products. Others are held by gigantic, foreign investment companies.

Mistic has always been and remains an independent, American-owned e cig company.

Getting to Know Mistic

Mistic’s parent company, Ballantyne Brands, LLC, was founded for the single purpose of selling high-quality electronic cigarettes and vaping products. We’re not affiliated with the tobacco industry, and we've never sold tobacco products.

Although we’re a smaller, independent e cig company, you can find Mistic products in thousands of retailers nationwide. We’ve built our reputation on great value, great tasting products, and a commitment to helping current smokers make the switch to vaping.

Because Mistic focuses only on the vaping industry, we've dedicated ourselves to innovating and improving with new vaping products, great flavors, and the best-in-class value out of all your e-cig options.

When you do business with Mistic, you choose an independent e-cig company that manufactures vaping products that are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, free of the odor and secondhand smoke of your old cigarettes—and not operated by the tobacco companies. That’s how you know you’re getting great value and great vaping products from a dedicated e-cig leader.

Mistic continues to grow our lineup of vaping products and expand our presence at even more stores nationwide. Look for us in your local retailers and know that Mistic offers e cigs and supplies from an independent, American e cig manufacturing company.

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