One More Reason to Switch: Cigarettes Stain Your Teeth

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Jul 5, 2014 11:00:00 AM Comments


At Mistic, we hear a lot of great stories from people who have made the switch from tobacco to e-cigs.

Everyone who has moved over to e-cigs can tell you the reasons they prefer vaping to smoking. Some people are glad to be rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, while others love the fact that e-cigs can be enjoyed indoors in many more places.

There’s yet another reason to switch from tobacco, and everyone can see it when you smile: cigarettes stain your teeth.

Tobacco is one of the most common causes of tooth stains, beating even coffee and red wine. Over the years, cigarette smoking leads to yellowed and browned teeth. Not only do cigarettes stain your teeth, but they also make you more likely to lose teeth.

For the sake of your smile, it’s definitely good to switch from tobacco.

Why Cigarettes Cause Yellowed Teeth

There are two reasons why cigarettes stain your teeth. First, the tar and various other ingredients in tobacco products leave behind stains on the surface of the teeth. 

You can try to keep this gunk cleaned away as much as possible, but cigarettes stain your teeth deep down, too. Teeth are actually somewhat porous, so the stain sinks in and gets stronger and darker over the years. You can try cleaning procedures and whitening products to help, but the stain will always be getting worse the longer you use tobacco.

If your teeth have been stained by cigarettes, it’s a great time to consider switching to electronic cigarettes. Giving up tobacco cigarettes will go a long way as you try to take better care of your teeth and improve your smile.

For those of you who already enjoy Mistic products instead of cigarettes, you have a new reason to be glad you made the switch—and something extra to tell your friends who are still using tobacco.

If the cost savings and lack of secondhand smoke aren’t enough, you’ve got the fact that cigarettes stain your teeth as some cosmetic motivation to make the switch.

It just one more thing to smile about!


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