Parents That Vape: Safety Precautions to Consider

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 10, 2018 7:44:49 PM

Over the past five years the vape scene has become a worldwide phenomenon and of the millions of people that vape on a regular basis there’s a large number that are also parents. In this post we’re going to touch on some of the safety precautions parents can take to ensure their vaporizers and e-juices aren’t accessible to minors.

First and foremost, it’s always best not to vape around minors and prevent them from being exposed to and intrigued by vaping. And whether they are familiar with it or not, be sure to keep vaporizers as well as e-liquids in a hidden, preferably locked, place in the house. This is a good measure to take.

Secondly, if minors inquire about vaping because they saw it on TV, at school, etc. it’s very important to sit them down and discuss how it’s for adults above a certain age – the same with getting a driver’s license, being old enough to get insurance on a rental car, drinking alcohol and the list goes on. Educating and establishing clear lines in the sand goes a long way.

Ultimately age restrictions were established for a reason, and when it comes to vaping it’s our goal to help prevent vape products from getting into the hands of minors.

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