Sharing Vaporizers with Friends: Should You?

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 11, 2018, 9:09:59 PM

With all of the awesome vaporizers on the market ranging from box mods to pod mods as well as the wide variety of tasty e-juices available, you may sometimes find yourself wanting to try a friend’s vaporizer or e-juice they’re vaping on. But should you?

Think about it this way: For the most part, when you’re eating you don’t typically share a fork with a friend – maybe a spouse or other family member – and the same applies to tooth brushes, etc. Unless you know someone extremely well there’s something icky about sharing a vaporizer, and even then it’s not recommended.

One the plus side, the new trend in vaping is people moving towards pod-based vaporizers where the mouthpiece is actually connected to flavored e-juice pods themselves making it so people can quickly and easily swap pods and also let friends try their devices. The best of both worlds.

Pod mods haven’t fully taken over yet, and will never satisfy vape enthusiasts that enjoy tinkering with their vaporizers, but they’re a great balance between e-cigs and box mods.

The moral of the story is to avoid sharing vaporizers for sanitary purposes and if you wish to share, grab yourself a pod mod system like our Mistic 2.0.

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