Flying with E Cigs: Taking Your PV or E Cig on a Plane

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Sep 26, 2017, 8:26:00 AM

Flying with E Cigs: Taking Your PV or E Cig on a Plane

Getting ready to fly? You can breathe a sigh of relief—and great-tasting vapor, of course—because with a little planning, Mistic and HAUS products are very travel-friendly.

Of course, airlines do not permit vaping on flights, but you don’t need to leave your favorite Mistic e cigs and HAUS vaping products at home. You can bring your e cigs or vape mod on a plane in your carry-on luggage (though not in your checked baggage).

Here are a few helpful tips for taking your e cig or PV on a plane:

Taking E Cigs Through Airport Security

The TSA allows e cigs and vaporizers in carry-on bags, so you shouldn’t have a problem bringing Mistic and HAUS products through security for any domestic flights. They are NOT allowed in checked bags. The reason for this is that if a malfunction were to cause a fire, it would be easy to find and extinguish in the cabin rather than continuing unchecked in the hold of the plane.

While you are not allowed to carry e cig batteries in your checked bags, you can carry charging cords, vape juice, empty tanks, and other non-battery accessories in your checked baggage

Be aware that HAUS e juice must follow the regular rules for other liquids. Here’s how to make sure you can bring your PV or e cig on a plane without a problem at security:

  • Carry-on liquids have a limit of 3.4 fl. oz. or 100 mL. Our e juice bottles are 10 mL and 30 mL and Mistic 2.0 PODs are 10 mL, so they’re all okay for carry-on!
  • Place your e juice bottles with other small liquid containers (including Mistic 2.0 PODs) in a 1 quart, clear, zip-top bag in compliance with the TSA's “3-1-1” rule.
  • You can bring along your rechargeable Mistic e cigs and cartridges in your carry-on
  • If you have containers that hold more than 3.4 fl. oz., keep them in your checked luggage even if there is very little liquid in them.

For international flights, be sure to look into laws that apply in your destination country—while you won't run into problems in most places, vaping is illegal in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Singapore.

Important! Empty Your PV Tank Before Flying

Changes in air pressure during your flight can cause PV tanks that contain e juice to leak. The same thing can happen with fountain pens and other liquid containers.

You can avoid the mess by emptying your personal vaporizer tank before getting on the plane. Or, go ahead and buy an extra replacement tank so you have an empty one to bring.

Can you vape in the airport?

In short, it depends on the airport. Most airports do have a vaping policy in place, though what they permit varies widely. Some allow vaping as far as the gate, others allow it in designated areas, and others forbid it entirely. Since policies are so different from one airport to the next, you'll just have to check with the airport staff before you travel. It should be as simple as calling the help desk!

Can you vape on the plane?

NO. It is illegal to vape or smoke on planes, in part because it looks like smoke and can cause unnecessary panic about problems with the plane. And, like smoking traditional cigarettes on a plane, it can result in a large fine. Unless you want to scare your fellow passengers and pay $2,000-$3,000, do not vape on the plane. If your vaping causes panic and is deemed an in-flight disturbance, you could be find as much as $25,000.

Still don't feel comfortable taking your vape with you? Order a kit... we will deliver it to your destination!

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