Taste the Rainforest with Rain Vape Juice

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 24, 2016 1:11:57 PM

Taste the Rainforest with Rain Vape Juice

Far beneath the rainforest’s thick green canopy, beautiful blue and red parrots call to each other among the trees. Down below, boa constrictors and leopards move carefully along the jungle floor. Luscious tropical fruits grow and ripen under the hot sun, fed by the constant rain that revitalizes this lush, mysterious terrain. 

Inspired by this captivating setting, we’ve recently released a series of exotic new e juices. Our UNBROKEN vape juice line is sourced from the Brazilian Amazon and features rare botanical extracts to bring an authentic taste of the rainforest straight to your PV tank.

A Refreshing Flavor

Sourced from the Cupuacu tree, which grows in the northern region of the Amazon, our Rain e juice was inspired by the Cupuacu’s sweet fruit. After ripening, it falls, “raining” onto to the ground to be harvested later.

Our Rain vape juice captures the essence of this rich and creamy fruit. With a unique blend of pear, banana, and decadent chocolate—and just a touch of menthol—Rain delivers a truly smooth and satisfying vape. It is by far one of our most refreshing e juice flavors.

Stock Up and Save

Like the one-of-a-kind location that inspired our UNBROKEN line, Rain is a truly remarkable e juice, with a 60/40 ratio of VG/PG and a complex flavor profile. Due to its widespread popularity, one vape shop recently ran out of Rain, causing some concern as customers emailed and called us here to ask for more. But there’s no need to worry – if you want to taste this exceptional e juice for yourself, you can find it in stores across the country, or purchase Rain for just $23.99 through Mistic’s online store.

When you choose UNBROKEN, you’re guaranteed a superior vaping experience. Select Rain, or any of our other UNBROKEN e juices, including Aurora and Haven, and transport yourself to the Amazon without having to step on a plane.

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