The Convenience, Popularity of Pod Mod Vaporizers Is Undeniable

Posted by Mistic ECigs and PVs on May 30, 2017, 8:41:32 AM

The Convenience, Popularity of Pod Mod Vaporizers Is Undeniable

As one of the innovators in the vape industry it always excites us to see products go from concept to fruition and the success of our Mistic 2.0 pod mod has been awesome. But why have pod mods become so popular?

We believe and a recent study we did in conjunction with The Vaping Advocate shows that convenience is king. In fact, of the 650 people that responded to the online poll, 95% said convenience is important when buying a vape device. That’s a staggering number.

Looking at box mods, however good they may be, there’s a level of complexity and maintenance required that many people simply do not want to deal with. What’s surprising is that the survey revealed 67% of mod and mechanical mod users said convenience was very important.

We believe the rise of the pod mod was mainly born out of convenience and e-cig users as well as box mod users will continue gravitating towards pod mods in the future.

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