The HAUS Lanyard: the Easiest PV Mod

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Nov 17, 2014, 4:00:00 PM

HAUS lanyard is the easiest modification

Personal vaporizer modifications have become a big trend among experienced vapers. Those who love taking things apart and tinkering around can spend lots of money on expensive "mods," all in the quest for better vaping.

Thankfully, you don't need any tricky PV mod to enjoy using the HAUS! Mods are just fine, but lots of people don't want to worry about ohms or voltage, or whether the modifications they've made can damage their batteries. 

If you want something simple and easy to use that still offers great performance, HAUS is the perfect option - no need to worry about whether you should be using a different tank, or  if you could tweak the electrical output to change the vapor - just charge it and go!

One of the best things about HAUS is that it works perfectly right out of the box. It’s designed to heat up the e liquid quickly and evenly for a smooth, consistent vapor. You don’t have to start a science project when it comes to the HAUS.

The HAUS Lanyard: A Simple PV Mod Worth Trying!

If you do want a simple PV modification to enhance your vaping experience, look no further than the lanyard that comes with your HAUS Starter Kit! Sure, it's not exactly a "mod" in the strictest sense, but it can make vaping more convenient and enjoyable.

Wearing your HAUS on a lanyard has tons of benefits:

  • Keep your hands free at home or work
  • Prevent losing or damaging your PV
  • Don’t accidentally leave home without it
  • Never have to scrounge for your PV in a purse or bag
  • Start conversations with other smokers & vapers

The HAUS lanyard is made from a soft, comfy material. It has a rubbery ring that simply slips over the tank of your HAUS. Nothing to attach or screw on and off. The rubber will safely hold the HAUS while you go about your day.

One thing to watch out for: your metal tank cap has two small air holes. These need to be left uncovered for the PV to produce its vapor. Just be sure not to cover the air holes with the rubber ring!

Wear your HAUS around the house, while running errands, and even at work. The lanyard is a great alternative to keeping your PV in a pocket or purse.

You might forget that you’re wearing it, but you won’t forget to bring your HAUS with you wherever you go.

It's only available in our HAUS Starter Kit - try one out today!


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