The HAUS Personal Vaporizer: Not Just a Beginner Vape Pen

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 24, 2015, 9:04:00 AM

HAUS vape pen for beginners

Sure, the HAUS Personal Vaporizer is very affordable and you can find it at Walmart and tons of other stores. Does that mean it’s only a beginner vape pen? Hardly. HAUS is a powerful personal vaporizer that expert vapers love.

With a long-lasting 650 mAh battery and high-performance tank and coil, HAUS delivers the incredible and flavorful experience everyone wants from a vaporizer.

Even if you have a big VTM that you like to use at home, you still need a portable and lightweight vape pen that can deliver a tasty and reliable vape. That’s why experienced vapers love HAUS—it’s the perfect option among vape pens for new and veteran vapers alike.

The HAUS Battery Lets You Vape All Day

You love vaping—and not waiting for a battery to charge. HAUS uses a high-capacity 650 milliamp lithium ion battery to give you more puffs between each charge. Day in and day out, HAUS has you covered.

Mix and Measure with the Replaceable HAUS Tank

HAUS has a bigger e juice tank than your typical starter vape pen. Ours is 2.0 ml and comes with graduated lines so you can measure exactly how much e juice you want. Mix and match different e juices and keep track of how much you’ve vaped. You’re in control!

It’s also easy to replace your HAUS tank whenever you want. Change it out when the coils get old, and keep several tanks ready with different e juice flavors. The strong polycarbonate tank and stainless steel tank cap last a long time—and silica wicks mean better flavor and more vaping.

A Quality Brand Name with a Warranty

Don’t settle for a nameless vaping device. HAUS is from Mistic—an American company with a strong reputation for e cigs and vaporizers. The HAUS battery even comes backed with a 90-day warranty against defective workmanship. You don’t have to worry about getting a lemon when you buy a HAUS personal vaporizer.

Serious vapers need a high-quality option for their vaping on the go, and that’s what HAUS delivers. It’s the premium vape experience you love with the convenience and affordability of a vape pen.

Easy to Adjust and Customize

HAUS produces a satisfying cloud without any adjustments, but it’s also easy to customize things if you prefer.

HAUS can accept some third-party replacement tanks so you can get a different look and feel while still enjoying the superior performance of the HAUS battery. You can also use any e juice flavors you like with HAUS—our polycarbonate tank resists cracking, unlike some other brands’ tanks.

Whether you’re an expert vaper or just switching from cigarettes or e cigs, HAUS is the personal vaporizer that does it all: great taste, long-lasting performance, and all the control and customization.

What more can you need? Get your HAUS Personal Vaporizer today:


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