The Large Vape Pen Tank Means More Time Between Refills

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 22, 2016 10:02:44 AM

The Large Vape Pen Tank Means More Time Between Refills

Many newcomers find that Mistic’s standard e cigs are an affordable and convenient vaping solution. Not only do they come with comforting classic vape juice flavors, like Traditional and Menthol, but they’re also lightweight and battery-powered—which means that they can be easily transported and recharged to suit your schedule. 

As you become more accustomed to vaping and try out different products to find the ones you like best, you may decide that you want a personal vaporizer with more options. When you choose the HAUS vape pen, you’ll receive twice the battery power of standard e cigs, as well as a noticeably bigger tank. In turn, you’ll enjoy a longer-lasting, more satisfying vape that includes more time between refills.

Vape Pens Guarantee More Options

Although our standard e cig flavors are preferred by beginning vapers, more advanced users may feel excited, as their experience grows, about all the other flavor options. Luckily, with our HAUS vape pen, you can easily unlock more vaping options. For example, when you use the HAUS vape pen, you can select any number of delectable e liquids, ranging from simply sweet tastes like Washington Red and Citrus Crush to our more bold and exotic combinations, like Havana and Cloud Punch.

 Vape Pens Guarantee the Best Vape for Your Buck

Using our HAUS vape pen also guarantees that you’ll receive a satisfying vape at an affordable cost. With our classic e juices priced at just $7.99 and our premium HAUS Craft Collection blends listed for an affordable $23.99, you can not only purchase as many of your favorite flavors as you like, but you can also enjoy them longer. Since our vape pens have a bigger tank, they can hold more e liquid than a regular e cig cartridge. In turn, you can vape for extended periods of time, without the need to constantly refill or buy new e juices.

When you want a trusted, name-brand product with more options, Mistic delivers every time. Visit our online store now to shop for your next vape pen and browse our newest e juice flavors.


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