The Most Vape-Friendly Cities in the United States

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Oct 26, 2017, 3:35:24 PM


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Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and while many have warmed up to the trend, there are others that see vaping as evil. In this post we’ll briefly touch on some of the most vape-friendly cities in the United States.


From what we’ve seen and others have covered, both Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs are epicenters of the vape scene with very vape-friendly laws as well as being home to a variety of advocacy groups that fight for the rights of vape enthusiasts. If you’re a diehard vaper and looking to relocate, Colorado might be the place for you.


On the East Coast, Virginia Beach, Virginia takes the cake for the most vape-friendly city. If you look in Google or on Yelp you’ll find a wide variety of vape shops in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. North Carolina and New York also sport a pretty active vape scene.


On the West Coast, vaping is popular in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, though Los Angeles comes out on top. Areas like Venice Beach and Hollywood, where historically many trends are set, have welcomed vaping with open arms.


One way to determine how vape-friendly a city is, aside from researching laws and stats online, is to simply see how many vape shops are in the area. Does the city welcome and support vape shops or try to hide them in the shadows?

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