This Father's Day, Help Dad Make the Switch to Vaping

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jun 19, 2015, 2:05:00 PM

Help Father Switch to E cigs

Dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for. But there’s a perfect Father’s Day gift if your dad smokes—an e cig starter kit to make the switch to vaping.

Vaping starter kits make a thoughtful and useful gift that dad will love! There’s a good chance that he has thought about picking up electronic cigarettes but doesn’t know where to start. This Father’s Day, why not do him a favor and give him everything he needs to start vaping?

Mistic Starter Kits come in robust tobacco or menthol flavors and include everything he needs to get going: a battery, cartridges, and a charger. Right away, dad can put down the smelly cigarettes and enjoy a day with the kids—without any secondhand smoke.

You can also pick up a HAUS Starter Kit if your dad would like something a little different. The HAUS vape pen has a refillable tank and offers more flavor options (like coffee, cherry, and grape). It’s easy to use and you can pick up a variety of e juice flavors to customize the perfect gift.

Vaping: The Can’t-Miss Gift for Father’s Day

Forget about another necktie or a box of golf balls. If you want to give a Father’s Day gift that he’ll be talking about for years to come, you can’t go wrong by helping your dad switch to vaping.

We’ve talked to a lot of dads with great stories about making the switch after decades of smoking. Many of them didn’t even realize that their smoking habit had been alienating their family for years. After switching to an e cig or personal vaporizer, dad can enjoy quality family time more without having to go outside or feel embarrassed about the smell.

Oh, and vaping will save him a fortune compared to smoking—how does your dad feel about saving money?

Many smokers thought they would never find an e cig that they’d prefer over smoking, but that’s exactly how Mistic and HAUS fans feel. We’ve seen men give up their pack-a-day habit and completely switch to our e cigs in one day because they love the taste so much!

This Father’s Day, show dad that he taught you how to make smart decisions. Give him a Mistic or HAUS starter kit, and give him a gift he’ll actually use.

Hit one out of the park this Father’s Day!

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