This Mother's Day, Help Mom Make the Switch to Vaping

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 8, 2015, 4:48:00 PM


Still looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift she will always remember? Think outside the chocolate box and stop guessing which flowers she’ll like! For the mom who smokes, show her you really care by introducing her to vaping.

Vaping starter kits make excellent gifts. Get her started on electronic cigarettes that taste, look, and feel like the real thing—or get her a HAUS Personal Vaporizer so she can branch out into something new with lots of great flavor options.

The Mistic Basic Starter Kit has everything she needs for a seamless transition. Starter kits come in her choice of tobacco or menthol, with different nicotine levels to match her preference for light or regular cigarettes.

You can also make it very personal with a HAUS vape pen and e liquid flavors she’ll really love. What desserts and treats does she like? Our lineup includes coffee, vanilla, berry, mango, and many other delicious flavors.

Vaping: A Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift She’ll Love

Smoking gets in the way of quality family time. When you gift your mother a vaping starter kit, you help her shed the embarrassment of a smoky house and stinky clothes.

One of our biggest fans told us that she and her mother can now spend more time with each other since her mother started on Mistic e cigs. More time together—isn’t that what every mom really wants on Mother’s Day?

The gift of vaping shows your mother that you want to help her switch away from smoking, and you’re there to help! 

More time with you, more time with the grandkids...she can enjoy being a mother even more when she gets rid of the secondhand smoke. She might be skeptical at first, but she’ll be amazed by the great taste and satisfaction of Mistic and HAUS products.

E cigs and vape pens cost much less than smoking, too. Your gift can get her started, and it’s “a gift that keeps on giving.” 

Say “Happy Mother’s Day” by showing your mom a great alternative to tobacco. She will always be thankful you gave her a meaningful, thoughtful gift!

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