Top 5 Worst Things About Being A Vaper

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 23, 2015 5:50:00 PM

worst things about being a vaper

Even the worst things about vaping pale in comparison to all the positives like eliminating secondhand smoke and saving tons of money. Still, you’re bound to encounter some annoying situations!

After all, new vapers should know what to expect — so let's take a moment and have fun discussing all the little quirks and hang-ups. We’ve come up with our top 5 worst things about being a vaper:

When You Get Lumped in with Smokers... people who don’t care to understand the important differences. Some people just see a cloud and don’t care what’s actually in the cloud.

Many local regulations around the country have even amended their anti-smoking laws to put vaping products in the same category. Why force vapers — who obviously have let traditional cigarettes go— to stand in a crowded little smoking section at a sporting event or airport?

When the Media Uses Scare Tactics Instead of Facts...

...and you have to answer questions from non-vapers who read poorly researched news articles. The media routinely uses negative headlines to grab attention, and coverage of the vaping industry is no exception.

When you see an article about vaping look for these issues:

  • Do they use “e cigs” to refer to all kinds of vaporizer devices?
  • Do they pretend to not know what ingredients are in e juice?
  • Do they focus on one small aspect of a scientific study without discussing the rest?

News goes viral these days, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is getting the real facts!

When Your Friends and Family Don't Understand...

...and they look at you like you’ve started speaking Greek! Vaping comes with its own vocabulary and a new set of habits.

Smoking was a big part of American culture and everybody knew what to expect: asking for a light, bumming a smoke, stepping outside, and ashtrays everywhere. If people could get used to all that, they can get used to vapers. People are still adjusting, though.

When You're around Friends Who Still Smoke...

...and they act like you’ve abandoned them. Hey, the smokers are behind the times. Many of them wish they could move on, too. So they tease you in self-defense.

You can always point out that you enjoyed smoking just as much as them. And that you’ve been enjoying vapor so much that you haven’t looked back! Who knows, maybe this will encourage them to leave cigarettes in the past.

When You Realize You Can't Use Cigarettes as an Excuse... escape from a social scene or to avoid cardio. As a smoker, you could slip away from gatherings to step outside for a few minutes. 

When you get up to vape outdoors, people might even stop you to say you can vape inside! It’s kind of them, really.

Does anything else bug you about being a vaper? Feel free to discuss in the comments. It’s okay to acknowledge how different life is when you switch from smoking!

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