Traditional Smokers Are Driving Ecig Sales Increase

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 6, 2014, 11:32:00 AM

Traditional smokers now increasing ecig sales

While ecigs have been available in the USA for about seven years now, there has been a significant ecig sales increase over the past year or so.

With the recently proposed FDA regulations and increasing public awareness, the ecig industry is under increasing scrutiny; here at Mistic Electronic Cigarettes, we’re optimistic that these changes will lead to responsibly, ethically produced and marketed electronic cigarettes in the hands of adult smokers only.

One reason for this optimism is that it’s becoming apparent that traditional smokers are driving the sales increase for a host of reasons, not the least of which are taste, convenience, and affordability.

So why are so many adult smokers switching to ecigs?

  • After years or even a lifetime of smoking tobacco cigarettes, many smokers are ready for a change
  • The average smoker can save about $1800 a year by switching to Mistic ecigs
  • Ecigs and personal vaporizers (PVs) give smokers a much wider range of choices, including more flavors and different levels of nicotine (including 0%), allowing them to fully personalize their experience
  • Rechargeable ecigs and PVs mean that you don’t have to deal with cigarette butts, ash, empty packs, and lighters – and you don’t need to worry about accidentally starting a fire, because there’s no flame
  • The range of products help people switch at a rate that’s comfortable for them – many people start with disposable soft-tip ecigs, move to rechargeable ecigs, and then switch to customizable personal vaporizers
  • Ecigs and PVs produce no secondhand smoke to bother the people around you
  • Finally, you can be free from the smell of smoke in your home, car, and clothing!

According to a recent report from Drug Store News, the sales of ecigs rose to the $2 billion mark last year.  Analysts at Wells Fargo believe that within the next 10 years, the sale of ecigs will surpass the sale of conventional tobacco products – and with good reason, we think.

Adults who have successfully made the switch enjoy the advantages of being able to smoke on their own schedule and in some places that traditional smoking is banned. As these responsible adult smokers have spread the word about the advantages of ecigs to their friends and neighbors, even more smokers have begun to switch – leading to the incredible ecig sales increase of the last few years.

At Mistic Electronic Cigarettes, we're proud to be part of the move toward better options for traditional smokers. If you’re a fan of Mistic Ecigs, you should be proud to be part of the change - you're helping others make smarter choices!

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