UNBROKEN Vape Juice Brings the Rainforest to Your PV

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jan 13, 2016, 8:58:00 AM

UNBROKEN Vape Juice Brings the Rainforest to Your PV

In the mind of every explorer, the Brazilian Amazon rainforest remains one of few regions virtually untouched by mankind. Deep within its jungles, rare and exotic species lurk around every turn. Fiery orange spider monkeys swing high up in the canopy, while down below, fearsome jaguars stalk their prey through thick underbrush—beasts unbroken and untamed by contemporary society. 

Inspired by the raw energy of the Amazon, we've released a new series of bold e juice flavors to awaken your own taste for adventure. Our UNBROKEN vape juice line is sourced directly from the tropics, featuring rare botanical extracts to bring the authentic and very unique taste of the rainforest straight to your PV tank. Select any of our five flavors for a vaping sensation unlike anything you've ever experienced.


Slightly tart, yet entirely savory, Aurora vape juice will treat your taste buds to the rich and succulent starfruit. Derived from the Carambola fruit in Northeastern Brazil, Aurora blends sweet apple and sour pear with hints of caramel to create one distinctly delicious flavor.


From the stunning Northern Amazon, we invite you to taste a little bit of paradise. Bright and lush, our Haven vape juice offers a sweet mix of Guaraná fruit and green apple, which work together to deliver a unique, almost ethereal vape.


True to its Northern Amazon roots, our Rain vape juice captures the essence of the crisp, refreshingly tart Cupuacu fruit. Combined with hints of pear, banana, and decadent chocolate, these flavors create a truly creamy and satisfying vape.


If you're looking for something a little bolder in flavor, our Raw e juice will appeal to your senses. With its clear, sharp cherry taste, Raw easily captures the Pitanga fruit of coastal Brazil and will cleanse your palate with every intake.


Sweet with a subacid tang, Root balances well with our other UNBROKEN flavors.

Derived from the Jabuticaba fruit, which grows on the trunks of rainforest trees, Root satisfies with rich and earthy tones. Fill your PV tank with this e juice, and you'll enjoy a vaping experience that's perfectly grounded.

When you choose UNBROKEN, you choose to venture beyond the familiar into a world that is wild and unknown. Embrace it. Shop now in our online store, or look for UNBROKEN e liquids in your local vape shop.


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