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Posted by Mistic Electronic Cigarettes on May 13, 2013 12:28:00 PM



As a part of our “Best Taste, Best Value” campaign, we recently released new Mistic ECig video, illustrating how Mistic Ecig can eliminate the inconvenience of traditional cigarettes and give you a better quality of life!

Featuring up-and-coming young actress Andi Maria Morrow, the video shows a young professional in each stage of her busy day, beginning with her morning commute, to working on her laptop in a café, and finally out for drinks with a friend in the evening.

As the narrator points out, “Mistic e-cigs deliver the taste and feel of a traditional cigarette better than any other alternative. Mistic’s simple, rechargeable system offers a convenient and rewarding way to enjoy the experience of smoking without smoking traditional cigarettes.”

The one-minute Mistic Ecig features Mistic’s sleek new packaging, and demonstrates the USB charger and how to change out refill cartridges.

It also highlights the money saved by switching to Mistic e-cigs; since each cartridge is equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes but costs as little as $2, using Mistic e-cigs is much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Just like we say in our video, Mistic offers the best taste and best value in e-cigarettes!

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