Vacation Vaping: 9 Tips Before You Travel with E Cigs

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 17, 2016 11:33:00 AM

10 things to know when you travel with e cigs

If you're ready for vacation, but worried about how your vape fits in, don't worry—it’s super easy to travel with e cigs and personal vaporizers, especially if you plan ahead a little bit.  

Here are a few helpful tips for flying, driving, and arriving with e cigs.

Know Your Destination

City laws for restaurants and public places: 

Vaping is often covered by city laws and ordinances. If you're traveling to a city where vaping has been lumped together with anti-smoking laws, it's important to know what to expect—or you could end up with a ticket for vaping near a building entrance!

International travel: 

Different countries can have radically different laws about vaping, and it's a good idea to look them up before you travel. When you're traveling outside of the US, you are subject to the laws of your host country, and not everyone treats vaping the same way. While you won't run into problems in most countries, vaping is illegal in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Singapore.

Find retail locations that sell vaping supplies:

If you don’t have time to stock up on everything you need before you leave, you can use our store locator to find retailers that sell Mistic and HAUS products near your vacation spot. That way, you never have to be without your favorite vape!

Flying with E Cigs

Airport and airline regulations: 

While it is illegal to vape on planes, some airports do allow vaping in designated locations, so you can enjoy a quick vape before and after your flights . There are even several major US airports that allow vaping in the terminals, so be sure to check in advance.

Place vaping supplies in carry-on luggage: 

The TSA now mandates that passengers must bring their ecigs, vape pens, and mods in their carry-on baggage, along with replacement batteries. That way, if an item were to have an electrical malfunction and cause a small fire, they would be able to put it out in the cabin rather than letting it continue unchecked in the hold. 

You can still keep extra tanks, charging cords, e juice, and other supplies in your checked bags, as long as there are no batteries. If you bring your HAUS vape pen or mod, be sure to empty the tank before flying—the changes in air pressure can cause them to leak.

Rental car policy: 

Some rental companies include vaping in their non-smoking policies, and while we all know that vaping doesn't produce the lingering smell of smoke, it's best to respect their wishes. Even if the policy doesn't explicitly include vaping, it's a good idea to air out the vehicle for a few minutes and avoid leaving behind any vaping accessories.

E Cigs on Road Trips

Bring a car charger:

You’ll thank yourself for this one! Bring a car charger or a USB converter with your regular USB charging cable so you can feel free to vape as much as you want on the road. It's much easier than looking for an outlet at a truck stop or waiting until you reach your hotel room!

Don’t leave batteries in a hot car:

Keep your batteries inside the car (not in the trunk), and take them with you if you'll be gone for an extended period. E cig batteries can overheat, get damaged, and lose their charge when left in a hot car.

Store vape juice bottles vertically:

Prevent spills and leaks due to heat or pressure changes by keeping your e juice bottles vertical during your trip—you can place a few in a cup holder, or in the car door’s storage bin. Leaking vape juice is no fun, especially if you're in a rental car.


Ready for vacation? Make sure you've got everything you need before you leave!

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