Vape Industry Skyrockets, Projected to Reach $47B by 2025

Posted by Mistic ECigs and PVs on Jun 23, 2017, 6:34:00 AM

Vape Industry Skyrockets, Projected to Reach $47B by 2025

In the past few years we have seen the world of vaping grow from its infancy into a worldwide phenomenon that’s generating buzz on all continents – vaping is here to stay. But will the industry continue to grow like crazy in the coming years? 

BIS Research, a global market research company, recently released a study titled “Global E-cigarette & Vaporizer Device & Aftermarket - Analysis & Forecast 2016-2025” that’s very promising. According to the report, “The global e-cigarette market is expected to grow over $47 billion by 2025 with the fragmentation progressing towards consolidation at regional levels.” This is not only welcome news to those in the industry, but also for consumers because such growth will spur innovation and lead to cool, new products. 

“Moreover, while disposable e-cigarettes enjoyed popularity till 2014, rechargeable e-cigarettes, followed by personal vaporizers and mods have taken over the top market positions in terms of revenue generation,” according to the study. We can only assume that one aspect of the market’s growth is related to a broadening of products – not just e-cigs but all sorts of other vaporizers like mods and now pod mods like our Mistic 2.0. 

The point is, the future is bright and we’re excited to continue focusing on creating new products ranging from delicious e-liquids to revolutionary vaporizers. 



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