Vape Lifestyle: How Vaping Has Influenced Pop Culture

Posted by Mistic ECigs and PVs on Feb 23, 2017, 1:47:57 PM

Vape Lifestyle: How Vaping Has Influenced Pop Culture

From Hollywood celebrities vaping at the largest awards events to e-cigs and box mods taking center stage in movies, music videos, TV shows and more, there’s no question vaping has permeated everyday life and continues to gain popularity by the day. 

In fact, much of the vape industry’s success, especially in the early days, can be attributed to pop culture prior to the tables being turned. It was influential early adopters who welcomed vaping with open arms and, through their influence and networks, pushed it into the realm of popularity.

As time went on and the trend spread, primarily through social media, vaping took off and became one of the hottest topics online, and a massive market for vape products was born. It was at this time that things began to change: Vaping became commonplace as opposed to a niche trend.

Today, vaping has a distinct impact on pop culture ranging from lyrics in songs we know and love to memorable scenes in movies. What began as obscure is now influential, and such influence will definitely have starring roles in the years to come.

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