Vape Pen Maintenance: What to Clean and When

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Jul 9, 2015, 1:18:00 PM

Vape Pen Maintenance What to Clean and When

Treat your vape pen right, and it will reward you with even longer-lasting use. All it will need is a little maintenance - replace your tank once in a while, keep the battery properly charged, and clean things up when necessary. 

HAUS PVs, like our vape pens and mods, rarely need to be cleaned, but there are times that call for it:

  • E juice spilled into the center tube. If you dripped some liquid into the tank’s center tube while refilling, this can cause a poor vape quality or a bubbling noise. Rinse the tank and let it dry before refilling.
  • Changing flavors. If you don’t want to mix flavors, empty the tank and rinse it out before filling up with a different flavor.
  • Leakage problem. The tank and tank cap create a tight seal, but you may get some leakage if the tank cap is not screwed on tightly (or if you fly without emptying the tank, due to air pressure changes). Wipe down the threading of the tank cap and check the battery connection — swab around the battery if liquid leaked into it.
  • Not getting a great flavor. This usually means you need to replace the tank. Our tanks last about 3 weeks, but heavy vapers may wear down the coil and wick more often. If it seems like it’s too early for a replacement, clean and refill to see if flavor and vapor quality improve.

How to Clean Your HAUS Vape Pen

All you need to clean your vape pen is a cotton swab and water.

First, unscrew the tank from the battery. If you want to clean the battery, rub a cotton swab around the inside of it. You can dip the swab in a little water or rubbing alcohol, but do not soak the battery in any liquid or run it under water.

To clean the tank, remove the tank cap and pour out any remaining e liquid. Run the tank under warm water or let it sit in a bowl of mild, soapy water. After rinsing, let the tank air dry on a cloth or paper towel.

The tank cap can be wiped down with a cotton swab. The silica wick will retain some flavor from the last e juice you used. Rinse the cap thoroughly if you want to change flavors. Let the tank cap air dry to make sure no water remains in the coil.

If necessary, you can use another cotton swab to help dry and clear out any debris or buildup inside the tank. Just make sure that the tank is dry and clean before refilling.

After refilling the tank, leave your vape pen standing up for a few minutes so the wick can absorb some e juice. If you vape right after filling, the dry wick might burn out quickly.

Keep it clean, rinse when necessary, and you can enjoy bold, smooth flavors with a rich vapor quality from every puff.

If you have tried all these vape pen maintenance tips and you still have issues, it might be the tank. We suggest picking up a new one every 3 to 4 weeks.

Is it time for a new tank?


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