Vape Pens Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Apr 1, 2016 2:40:35 PM

Vape Pens Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

Whether you're interested in switching from ecigs or want to try vaping for the first time, vape pens can be a little intimidating. They don't look like ecigs, and they don't work exactly like them either. You might even think that they're more expensive—but luckily, that's not the case!

Because vape pens are refillable and rechargeable, they can be much more affordable than you might expect. If you're looking for something simple but reliable, turn to the best widely-available vaporizer on the market. The stylish, affordable HAUS Vape Pen from Mistic offers everything you want for the vaping lifestyle.

What Vape Pens Cost (and What You'll Need to Use One)

Our HAUS Personal Vaporizer Starter Kit is a steal at $24.99, especially when you consider how long it will last. The HAUS vape pen starter kit contains:

  • A black high-powered 650 milliamp lithium-ion battery with stainless steel fittings and comfortable soft-touch grip
  • 1 clear refillable plastic tank with a stainless steel tank cap
  • A USB charger
  • A convenient carrying lanyard

With the HAUS vape pen, you'll get longer battery life than an ecig and unlimited flavor options when you mix and match our e juice flavors. 

Another bonus is that you can extend your battery life even further by turning your vape pen off when it's not in use, using an easy on/off control button with a blue activation light on the side. 

Disposable replacement tanks ($7.99) need to be switched out about every 3 weeks to a month to keep your vape juices tasting fresh. You can find a few more tips about using a new tank in this post.

If you want an extra battery (or just prefer blue), you can pick one up for $14.99. You can recharge them in any USB port, which is now more convenient than ever. 

Finally, with vape pens, you can use any e juice flavor you want—or even combine e liquids into new flavors of your own. In our online store, you can find dozens of vape juices, from fruity or creamy to classic tobacco and menthol. Just click here to check them all out!

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