Vape, Tank, and Cart Oh My! A Simple Guide to PVs

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Feb 13, 2015 1:59:00 PM

Simple Guide to vaping using PVs

There's plenty of fun stuff to learn when you're new to personal vaporizers! PVs like the HAUS vape pen deliver the same great vapor as electronic cigarettes, but you have more flavor options, a refillable tank, and a long-lasting battery.

Here's a simple guide to PVs that teaches you everything you need to know — vaping terms, how to use a PV, and how to take care of a PV.

Guide to Vaping Terms

The world of personal vaporizers has a lot of jargon, but it’s pretty easy to learn. Here are the basic terms to know:

  • Vape: Using a PV is called vaping. Some people also shorten vaporizer to vape, as in, “Check out my new vape from Mistic” or “I need some more vape juice.”
  • Vape Pen: Another name for a PV or Personal Vaporizer, usually the smaller sized PVs.
  • E liquid: Also called e juice. The liquid inside of any PV or e cig.
  • Battery: HAUS has a rechargeable battery with a USB adapter so you can charge the battery anywhere.
  • Tank: The refillable plastic reservoir that holds the e juice.
  • Tank cap: Covers the tank and includes the coil and wick that heat up e juice.
  • Clearomizer: The vaporizer technology used in modern PVs like HAUS. A clear tank with a heating coil and silica wicks.
  • Cartomizer: Another type of vaporizer technology, similar to a clearomizer. A “cart” has more parts and a polyfill wick.
  • Atomizer: An older technology. Some people say atomizer or “atty” to mean any vaporizer system.

User Guide to PVs

Using a PV is as simple as pressing a button and inhaling! Just fill up with e juice and recharge the battery once in a while.

To fill up, unscrew the tank cap and pour the e juice. Our bottles have a slow-drip tip to help prevent mess. 

To charge the battery, connect the USB adapter and plug it into a computer or any other USB port. Cell phone chargers work perfectly. We also sell a handy car charger!

You can turn HAUS on or off by pressing the button 5 times. This prevents the PV from accidentally activating inside your pocket or purse.

Proper Care for PVs

You can extend the life of your PV by following these tips in our guide to PVs:

  • Clean the tank by rinsing with water and air-drying. Clean the tank cap by dabbing it with a cotton swab.
  • Keep the tank at least 1/3 full. If you vape on an empty tank, you can ruin the coil and get a burnt taste.
  • Replace the tank whenever you aren’t getting a good taste and full vapor from a fully-charged battery.
  • When you charge the battery, let it charge all the way.

PVs: The Best Way to Vape?

PVs are quickly becoming the preferred way to vape for more and more people. The large tank and long-lasting battery offer the best convenience.

More e juice flavor options are great, too. You can fill up your PV with coffee, apple, berry, and other delicious flavors — or make up your own custom mix!

Have more questions?

Check out the HAUS website for an even bigger guide to PVs.

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