Vape Tips: After You Fill Your PV Tank, Let It Rest

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Dec 2, 2015 3:40:43 PM

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Want to get more out of your HAUS? We’re here with vape tips to help extend the life of your vaporizer and make sure you get the best taste and performance.

One common mistake? Vaping immediately after filling a new tank.

The first time you use a pv tank, give the wicks a moment to soak up the e juice. For the best results, wait at least two minutes. You can get a burnt taste if you vape too soon after fill-up.

Here’s why:

  • When you vape, the battery heats up the wicks — then the wicks heat up the e juice.
  • If you don't wait for the e juice to soak in to brand new, dry wicks, they won't have any liquid to vaporize and you’ll get a dry, burnt taste instead of vapor.
  • Refilling? Go ahead and vape right away!

These vape tips are just for the first time you use a new tank — or when you fill up a tank that has been allowed to dry.

Don’t worry about waiting when you refill a tank that you’ve been using. The wicks will still be soaked enough and won’t get burnt.

Do wait a minute or two for soaking if you have rinsed out your tank and let it dry.

But this is important: your HAUS should be producing a smooth, tasty vapor — not a burnt taste. If you let the e juice soak in and you're getting a bad flavor, it may simply be time to replace the tank! Our refillable, disposable tanks are designed to last about 3 weeks

Pick up a new tank in our online store anytime you need one, and make sure to wait a couple minutes for the e juice to soak in to protect your coil and tank from damage! In fact, you’ll probably notice an even better taste and longer lasting wicks.

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