Vaping Apparel: A New Trend in the Vape World

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on May 10, 2018, 7:35:57 PM

It is always interesting to see how trends are born and grow from a small grassroots movement into something much greater than anyone could have ever anticipated, and it’s exciting to see how the vape scene has progressed over the years. And the most recent trend: The creation of vaping apparel.

When you really think about it, companies creating apparel lines that tap into the vape community is a natural progression because true enthusiasts want to connect with brands they love and a lifestyle they gravitate towards. What better way to do that than to rep vape-related clothing?

Some of the most popular products we’re seeing hit the market are hats, hoodies and t-shirts with everything from graphics of huge vapor clouds to cool, funky sayings. Additionally, a variety of vaporizer and e-juice companies are starting to launch their own “merch.”

Aside from clothing, there is also a big push towards creating backpacks and other bags specifically catered to the needs of vape enthusiasts. These bags are almost like camera bags in the sense that they store everything one could wish for in a clean, neat way.

We predict that in the future vape apparel will continue to skyrocket with more and more brands coming out with cool products on a regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled!

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