Vaping at Work: What Your Boss Needs to Know

Posted by Mistic E Cigs on Mar 16, 2016 9:35:00 AM

Vaping at Work: What Your Boss Needs to Know

Since their introduction to the US in 2007, e cigs have been a big hit with consumers, and they’re only growing in popularity. Designed to be long-lasting, easily transported, and enjoyed with high quality vape juice, e cigs are now sold and purchased in thousands of retail locations across the nation. Despite their widespread appeal, however, there are still many questions associated with vaping, particularly their use in public spaces. 

Although e cig use has become much more prevalent, the etiquette of vaping is still relatively uncharted territory. In most cases, policies vary by state, county, and even by business—so it’s important to talk with your boss before you consider vaping at work. Here are a few details to consider in your conversation.

Statewide Policies

As it currently stands, there is no nationwide policy regarding vaping in public places. However, there are certain regulations set by each state on an individual basis. Before vaping in your own workplace, you should conduct some basic research and determine what policies currently exist in your home state. To get you started, try consulting this guide for more information: Being aware of these policies can clear up any preliminary questions.

Business Policies 

Of course, while there are many states with vaping regulations, there are just as many without them. In the event that your state doesn’t recognize an official policy for vaping in public, your next step should be to find out if there are any policies specific to your workplace. After all, some employers will allow you to vape at your desk, while others will require that vaping take place in designated areas only. To find out where your workplace stands, try reviewing your company’s policies, contacting your boss, or asking your HR department for further information. 

A Commitment to Mutual Respect 

If your workplace doesn’t have a specific policy regarding vaping, then it’s time to sit down with your boss and discuss the matter. Although electronic cigarettes have been in the US for almost a decade now, the etiquette surrounding them is still relatively new, especially to non-vapers. For this reason, it’s important to remember that you are acting as an ambassador for the vaping community in this situation.

As far as the details go, your boss should first know that the “smoke” e cigs produce is actually just water vapor. Although they may look similar, they’re truly quite different; e cigs don’t leave behind any smoke or ash because they heat up an e liquid. Likewise, without the smoke or ash, e cigs don’t produce an unpleasant smell. By using an e juice to create a vape, e cigs avoid foul odors altogether.

If vaping in the workplace is approved, it would be a good idea to take certain steps to ensure a positive experience for everyone around you. This includes being very careful when handling your vaping supplies and taking time to avoid spilling your e juice when refilling. Show mutual consideration for your colleagues by limiting your vapor clouds, especially if they distract or bother your coworkers. Even in a setting where e cigs are allowed, you should be committed to being respectful of those around you.

Since so many people are still unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, you have a unique opportunity to frame the activity in a positive light, starting at your workplace. Consult all policies involved, talk to your boss before you vape, and get the conversation rolling.

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