Vaping in Hollywood: Ecigs in Movies and TV

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If you watched the Golden Globes this year, you’ll probably remember a comedy sketch featuring Reese Witherspoon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus out in the audience. Louis-Dreyfus, the star of Veep and formerly Seinfeld, was spotlighted at her table enjoying a nice electronic cigarette during the awards show and pretending to be too cool to sit with the other TV stars.

The ecig wasn’t just for the bit - Louis-Dreyfus is a real devotee of vaping, and she wasn’t alone at the Golden Globes. Best Actor winner Leonardo DiCaprio was also seen enjoying a smokeless ecig in the theater.

As vaping has become a common sight in public life, the popularity of ecigs has also grown among Hollywood celebrities. Stars who have switched to electronic cigarettes span every age and genre, including Katherine Heigl, John Cusack, Katy Perry, and Jack Nicholson. Even rockers like Tom Petty and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones are fans.

Not only are celebrities enjoying electronic cigarettes more often these days, but vaping has begun to show up on TV shows and in movies. The 2010 movie The Tourist featured Johnny Depp’s character enjoying an e-cig on a train, where Angelina Jolie’s character spots him and walks over to meet him.

On the Netflix hit show “House of Cards,” Kevin Spacey’s character recently substituted ecigs for tobacco cigarettes in one memorable scene. He and his wife have stopped smoking, and she catches him vaping late at night. “You’re cheating!” she says, and he replies, “No I’m not, it’s vapor.”

Late night television has certainly embraced the popularity of ecigs. In one visit to the Late Show with David Letterman, Katherine Heigl puffed away on her beloved e-cigarette and even let Dave give it a try. A longtime cigar aficionado, Dave was impressed – “This is remarkable!” he exclaimed. When a British company announced a Bluetooth-enabled personal vaporizer earlier this year, Jimmy Kimmel joked on his show that Apple would be coming out with a new iPhone that doubles as an e-cigarette.

Whether it's lighthearted comedy or suspenseful drama, it seems that the entertainment industry has accepted ecigs as a part of life.

Though we regular people may still turn some heads when using our ecigs and personal vaporizers, vaping is quickly becoming a part of popular culture. Right now, it’s still surprising to see a character use an ecig on screen, but that may not last long. We’ll probably see it reflected even more in the media!

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